Why Newspaper Panels Are Still a Good Marketing Option

With the rise of the internet, and the increase in widely available internet within it, newspapers have seen drastic losses in readership all around the globe, with many going out of business, and the rest of them shrinking to a smaller size than was typical. Even taking all of this into account, some of the top newspapers within the UK still see monthly readership levels of around 5 million people.


Newspapers, while read a lot less than they used to be, still have phenomenal reach throughout the nation, which presents you with a wonderful marketing opportunity. If you decide to do it, the decision shouldn’t be based solely upon the level of readership, as there are more benefits besides this: Newspapers also have a certain gravitas that is sorely lacking from, for instance, getting the top ranking in google (although that is also a good thing). People trust newspapers, which makes it a great avenue for developing your brand.