Why is website speed talked about so much?

Have you ever waited 10 minutes for a website to load? The answer is most likely going to be no. Why would you? When you’re browsing Google, and you find a website that piques your interest, you want to land on the site instantly and learn more. A slow website is not great for your audience, because we now live in an age where we demand information rapidly. This now affects search positions in Google, so it’s talked about a lot in terms of SEO, and it has been a hot topic for many years. That said, it’s more important than ever. If your website doesn’t load in under 2 seconds, you’re likely putting your rankings at risk and allowing a competitor to sneak in. Goole craves fast sites. Your site must meet Google’s criteria, so do make use of their free site checker where they outline improvement you can make to increase page speed.