Why is SEO Worthwhile?

Generally speaking, the main source of visits to any website on the internet will be directed from search engines, such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckgo, and many more. SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the practice which optimises your website with the aim of making it more search engine friendly.

If you want to make sure that your website receives a larger number of visitors than it is getting currently, then the better options are to look for information on SEO, or to find somebody – or perhaps an agency if you want a particularly rigorous campaign – who can provide advice and do most of the work.

SEO has in recent years had more and more to do with content marketing. Most SEO’s will argue that this is a good thing, as it returns the competition online back to creating quality content. The main focus of any campaign should be on creating content on your website which can attract visitors, while also maintaining a high level of relevance so that when robots spider your web-pages (like search engines do), it is easy to determine that the content is relevant to their users’ queries. Providing useful information is a big part of this, and can give your website some authority, which helps you in a number of ways; such as increasing the chance of the information being shared on other websites. These are things which you can either do yourself, or by acquiring the services of a professional content marketer. You can see examples of this activity on almost every website, with the massive rise of the landing pages within the last five years. These pages seek to add content to your website, which can help make the site more relevant for things which don’t receive as much focus on the homepage, or within category pages, and can also be of help in making the website appear in local search listings, so that you can target locations with your website, as opposed to just targeting one area, or trying to compete solely on generic terms. Keeping up a constant flow of fresh content is also an increasingly important factor in a website’s success. Many websites and SEO’s have accomplished this by placing a news feed on their website, or by placing a blog on the website.

If you do decide to hire a team or individual to help you with your site’s optimisation, then you need to keep a few things in mind. Much of the SEO community will focus solely upon improving the number of visitors you receive, but this can often miss the point entirely. With any business, the most important thing for their website to be doing is helping to convert visitors into sales, so if you sacrifice the quality of service and content on the website in order to further optimise it, then the rate of conversions could drop significantly, thereby reducing the overall value of the website.

While on-site optimisation plays a big role in SEO, there are other things as well which are important in an internet marketing campaign. With this, I’m referring to the need for social media campaigns, and to providing other websites with useful content in return for additional exposure for yours. Not only does this bring real value for real people who follow your social media updates and read your off-site content, (like as a branding exercise), they can both work as indicators of your business’s high level of activity (like fresh content), and serve as evidence of additional authority on subjects relevant to your services. These tasks really shouldn’t involve too much salesmanship; mainly they should work as a service to those looking for valuable information, particularly with the blogging.