What Is The Difference Between Web Programming And Web Development?

You have probably heard the terms web programmer and web developer before. You may wonder if these are similar or if they are extremely different. There is actually quite a bit of difference between these two professions. Each of these individuals is going to be trained in a specific way to fulfil specific tasks. Although each of them may have to do ‘work with the Internet’, what they do in terms of coding is not only different, but they can work together in a couple of different ways to help you succeed. Here is the overall difference between a web programming and development specialist.

What Is Web Programming?

A web programmer is somebody that is able to use computer languages like HTML or CSS in order to design a website. They may also be able to design apps that can be downloaded to a tablet computer or a smartphone. They are adept at creating platforms, such as membership sites, that can be used and accessed by people that will never see a single line of code.

What Is A Web Development Expert?

A web developer is a multifaceted profession, so talented coders can handle many different types of strategies. They may work directly with a web programmer if they are requesting that a certain website or membership site be developed for their business. However, a web developer also focuses on the business itself. This will include offering products, services and also your advertising. Their goal is to provide traffic to your website so that you can generate sales and this works directly with a web programmer.

Although web development experts and web programmers are different professionals, they both can work together easily. Each one can complement the other. Just remember that a web programmer can design things with code such as websites and membership sites and a web developer is an individual that takes websites and builds up a brand to sell products and services through different types of marketing which can generate traffic. It’s more of a holistic approach to improving websites, and whilst programmers are needed to carry out the complex tasks, web developers understand where those improvements are needed, and understand the best approach to achieving that result. They work closely with marketing experts, as well as designers and programmers, so it’s a very important role in most digital companies. We would recommend you take a good long look at the local developers in your area, because you may be surprised of just how many talented individuals they are, ranging from freelancers to those working at cutting-edge digital agencies.