What is a direct mailing house?

The term “mailing house” or “direct mailing house” is somewhat dated. But back in the day, mail was usually processed in a house, and there would have been one small family run company in a town or village, managing the mail for all. We’ve moved on considerably since these days though. A mailing house is usually known as a full-service mailing house, offering mail fulfilment for contract and one-off mailings.

So you’ll likely discover many companies operating in your local area as mail houses, and what they do is fulfil post like letters, brochures, catalogues, flyers, books, magazines and other types of materials. Obviously today, with the advantage of modern technology, mail can be processed very quickly. In the UK, we’re fortunate to have some of the best mail houses around, with cutting edge technology, ensuring every item is printed to a high standard and fulfilled automatically. Even personalisation, such as the adding of names and order numbers can be automated, but data is key to success, and it must be managed and handled in the best way. 

Whether you are looking to mail a pretty informal letter, postcard mailing or sophisticated product sample package with up to 20 inserts, a leading mailing house can provide a fast, active, quality focussed service, and you’ll usually have a dedicated account manager to keep you updated at every stage of your mailing. They are also likely to provide insights in terms of reporting, and many direct mail campaigns are now multichannel, combining very well with digital marketing. 

You may also find hat most mailing houses can offer far better postal rates, passing the savings on to you. They generally tend to secure postal the lowest possible rates because of the sheer volume of mail they fulfil, so every new customer helps to bring that price down, in theory. Obviously, with any mailing house, the main aim is to provide quality mail packs and deliver your fulfilment on time, so it’s, therefore, essential to do your research and choose the right company. 

Of course, fulfilment isn’t just a case of processing orders and managing small campaigns for suppliers. The phrase “mailing fulfilment” is additionally widely used as is order fulfilment. These are services offered by mailing houses, and these companies will often come up in search results when checking for “order fulfilment suppliers”. Some mailing houses have expanded into order fulfilment, but it’s important to not presume or confuse mailing fulfilment with order fulfilment. From filling envelopes to high volume polywrapping and printing solutions, mailing fulfilment means all of your mailing needs are handled.