What Are Direct Marketing Services For Businesses?

In its simplest form, direct marketing is marketing to a specific market in a way designed to generate a response.  That response could be a phone call for more information, or the response could even be a sale.  The marketing is designed to get a response, whether it’s a lead or a sale. 

Most advertising is mass marketing.  A good example would be most television ads.  While some advertising, mostly infomercials are actually direct response and ask for an order or a phone call to get more information, most ads on television don’t ask for a direct response.  This also means they have no real idea of their television ad is making or losing money for the company.

With direct marketing, or what most in the industry call direct response marketing, everything about the marketing campaign is tracked.  The company can track how much they spent, how many people they reached, the number of leads they gathered, the number of sales generated, and ultimately how much revenue they made. They can compare this to the cost of the direct marketing campaign and determine exactly how much they made or lost on it. At Christmas time, even though things are busy, it remains the same. Christmas direct mail is incredibly important, and at this time of year, you must use the right data. With this kind of data, they can test different ideas to see which one’s will make them money.

Direct response marketing was done through the mail via Royal Mail or Post Office Ltd.  The mailing would ask the potential customer for a response, such as filling out a request for a special report, or calling a phone number for more information. 

A lot of these mail pieces were labeled as reports but they were really marketing in disguise, with the goal of generating a potential lead or sale for a company.  If someone responded, then someone at the company would follow up with those leads in the hopes of ultimately making a sale.

While this type of direct marketing still exists, a lot of direct response marketing is done online nowadays.  It’s faster, cheaper, and everything can be tracked.  A company could go into business and have a direct marketing campaign up and live using something like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads and be generating traffic, leads and sales within a day, if not hours!

The full power of direct response advertising has been unleashed with the internet and businesses who know how to take advantage of that have a bright future.  It only gets more sophisticated, allowing customers to better target potential customers with laser-like precision.

While many companies can do direct marketing in-house, there are also many companies that specialise in direct response marketing.  These companies can be hired to handle all aspects of a direct marketing campaign, leaving the company to focus on what it does best, create a quality product for its customers.

Direct response is the most powerful form of marketing a business can do in order to generate leads and sales for its business.