Using Google+ to increase your online presence

Google+ is often viewed as a minority player in the social media market and thus most of the businesses ignore adding it to their digital marketing strategies. That said, the effect that this platform can have in promoting your online presence should never be underestimated. Here are the tips on how you can use Google+ to increase your online presence.


You can use Google+ to optimise your presence in the search engine. Given that this is a product from the giant search engine-Google, one should expect a direct relationship between the two. Having a Google+ profile will help you to achieve better ranks on Google.

Reach target audience using Circles

Google+ allows users to reach their target audience using Google Circles. You can divide you followers into different groups depending on their age, interests and geographical locations. With this amazing feature, you content will reach the right people at the right time.

Content promotion

You can promote your blog o website using your Google+ profile thanks to the Google Authorship feature. Using this feature will not only authenticate your content but will also improve your visibility on the search engine.