Top three changes to improve your online SEO strategy

Improving your businesses online presence can take time and a bit of know how that’s why so many businesses are opting to hire SEO agencies to boost their search rankings.

There are three main changes you can make to help boost your businesses online presence:

Social media- Social media marketing is becoming one of the most influential ways to direct potential customers to your website. With eye-catching visuals and relevant links to your site, it all helps provide social signals, great for SEO.

Fresh content- Keeping your websites content relevant and fresh is a good way to let Google know you are still an active company and will help to improve the site’s trust flow rate.

Responsive website- With the increase in mobile browsing, websites need to be responsive to screen size, and those that aren’t will see themselves fall to a lower position on search engines. If important information or images are lost when your website is viewed on a mobile, it will put a potential customer off from using your service or buying your products.