Top 3 offline marketing strategies for small businesses

Has offline marketing seen its last days? This question is commonly asked and has many small business owners rejecting it as a viable marketing solution. But truth is that it is still very vibrant and will see your business achieve success even in this day and age of online and digital marketing. The following 3 strategies are among the most effective:

Business cards: The good old business cards still play a big role in marketing your business. It is used by many as a way of “breaking the ice” when meeting new potential customers, and is also a good way to spread the word when in a hurry. For instance, a person will remember you or your business when going through the wallet or cardholder much later.

Trade Shows: There is great potential in trade shows, fairs, conferences and exhibitions. This platform allows small entrepreneurs and businesspersons to meet and interact with existing and potential customers.

Printed Material: Yes it may be the era of paperless office and marketing, however, brochures, printed newsletters, flyers, posters, holiday cards, catalogues are still very effective in small business marketing. Did you know that some of the older generation would rather receive a physical/paper newsletter via post than the one send via email?

If you are small business owner, you should consider embracing these 3 offline marketing strategies. Not only are they cost-effective and easy to apply, but have proven to be successful over the years.