Marketing trends for 2019

Today, the world is moving ahead faster than ever before in all fields and so are the marketing trends. The coming year will also view growth and changes in the arena of digital marketing and some new trends, some of which are listed below, will come to the forefront.

1. The customers will put more faith on trustworthy reviews, well-crafted content and brand values than on conventional advertisements.
2. Internet viewership will match up with that of television, so the companies will focus more on advertising in the web world.
3. With search engines changing their algorithms, for improved SEO, contents will have to be developed by forming clusters around specific topics.
4. The rise of social media will continue and it will get more integrated with third party services.
5. “Snack Ads” or advertisement videos that run for less than ten seconds will rise in number for holding the consumer’s attention.
6. Chatbots will gain more popularity for effective interaction with customers.