Instagram – Does it have a defined audience

To some people, Instagram is all about pretty pictures, and that’s ideal for a wedding photography business or a florist, but is it well suited to all businesses?

Well in short the answer is no. It’s not quite got the same user base as Facebook or Twitter and if your target audience is not using it then there isn’t necessarily any need for you to use it. It must be said that it’s not just about pretty pictures. Images can contain content; they can provide customers with more information on your business, while ‘behind the scene’ images can build trust.


You’re unlikely to attract a large following if you don’t use it regularly and publish interesting content, and if you’re sending out content that doesn’t interest you, the business owner, then it isn’t going to interest your audience. Many companies will use Instagram and its user base is growing but you have to have the motivation, the audience and the right kind of content to make it work effectively for your business.