How Do Mailing Houses Work In The UK?

Direct mail is one of the oldest forms of advertising in existence today. If you have ever received junk mail in your mailbox, it is likely the result of your address being sold to a company that provided a list to marketers. There are also mailing houses, companies that are responsible for completing these direct mail campaigns. They work together, sending out millions of letters to individuals that may or may not purchase what they are offering. If you are wondering how these companies work in the United Kingdom, here is an overview of this process.

How This Works

Before mailing houses can actually prepare any type of offer for potential clients, they must first have a list of individuals to send it to. Once they have the addresses they can then begin to derive the sales letter that will be sent out. Direct mail companies will typically work with these mailing houses. Essentially, one company prepares all of the documents, and the other one is going to send them out to the public. In conjunction with the business that provides them with the list, they can then begin to generate profits from their efforts.

Is This The Same In The UK?

Regardless of where you live in the world, is always going to require these three aspects for a direct mail campaign. Mailing houses and direct mail companies will coordinate together, or they may be the same company that has two different aspects under the same roof. In some cases, they will also acquire their own lists. You just don’t know what they are capable of doing. Regardless of how they are set up, or how many companies are working together, the process is always the same. You see, you will get many direct mail companies that handle all aspects of print and offline marketing, so they can provide competitive prices for printing, fulfilment, personalisation, packaging and postage. These can also be called direct mail houses, so you can see how it gets slightly confusing. You only have to look at the many mailing houses London to get an idea on the offering of different suppliers across the board.

If you would like more information about direct mail companies, or mailing houses, you can search for these companies online. There are a multitude of them in the UK that may be able to help you with your direct mailing campaign coming up. If you also need a list, they should be able to direct you to competent list builders that can give you the exact demographics you are looking for. Overall, direct mail is still a viable way to generate sales and is why so many people still use it. It is advantageous to contact multiple companies and get quotes from all of them. This will allow you to evaluate them, and also save money, when working with these marketing businesses.