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Welcome to Involve Marketing, where we explore the issues our readers have with the world of marketing and web marketing in particular. We look at the areas where most people believe they’re getting ripped or otherwise not having a valuable service delivered, and explore how they can improve upon this situation. While not everybody needs to know everything about how to advertise a business and their products and services, a little knowledge can go a long way, both with your negotiations with your marketing agency and when starting out with it by yourself.

We look at a wide range of issues relating to website marketing. This includes SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Social Media promotion, Email marketing and more. We look at the areas where people commonly get things wrong and how, with what is hopefully a small investment of time and maybe some money, they can correct those mistakes.

When you start out with SEO, there are definitely a number of ways and techniques that you can use to have an immediate, positive impact on your website, but equally, there are a number of ways that you can severely damage your online presence. You need to understand how search engines rank websites; what they look at as being a positive signal and what they consider to be bad or spammy. If you employ methods which look like spam to the search engines, you should expect to be penalised.

PPC, once you’ve correctly optimised all of your ads for a high Cost per Conversion rate, can become a great business generator. This makes the process of optimising your campaigns sound rather easy, but that’s not the case. It can be difficult and very time consuming to manage large and effective PPC campaigns. Increasingly, people are also turning to other PPC platforms than just Google PPC, with Google Shopping an increasingly bigger player. This means that you can’t just get by with a very narrow area of expertise; you need to be capable in all of them to run an effective marketing campaign.

Social media has grown in importance a lot over the last decade, with more and more businesses using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to generate traffic and carry out a conversation with their customers and intended market. Many businesses have used it as a very effective marketing tool, but like most things, it does require a lot of time in order to build it up to something useful.

Email marketing is a lot like more typical direct mail campaigns, only online. In comparison to real world mail, email marketing is more easily managed and cheaper to do too. It also is far more effective at pointing the readers of the email to other business resources, such as reviews of your website and products or to your website. It can be great tool for building awareness of related products with previous customers too, which is what many businesses use email for.

If you want to be a really successful, modern day online business, using all of these marketing platforms/strategies and more is absolutely essential. This is because, in the fast changing virtual world, have a diversity of traffic generators ensures security for your business and access to a wider user base. If you want to read more about what we have to say, please check out the articles we have on Marketing, Newspaper Advertising, Social Media, Web Marketing. If you have a specific situation that you want to know more about, contact us.